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Unique strategy

When two opponents are equally matched then both can prepare the fight in the conventional way. When one opponent is enormous and the other is comparatively weaker, then the later can't prepare the fight the normal way. The weak opponent has to figure out something extraoridinary or weird or unique strategy. Yet this unique method should logically convince him that it will give him the edge. These two opponents needn't always be the two fighters in a boxing ring. One can be YOU (the weaker opponent) and the other can be the insurmountable difficulties plagueing the current situation you are in NOW (the stronger opponent)!
Treading on a path of difficulties is tricky as success is mighty hard to come by. When the path is 70% complete, one might think he has given it everything and it just didn't work out. But in reality 30 % was still left. The mind is adept at diverting the focus, but one should be aware of the trick played by it. And the more the journey proceeds towards completion the harder it gets. It might be looked at as a cunning method employed by Nature or God to weed away the undeserved lot from reaching the acme of accomplishments. Whatever it is, it is true that the going gets tough as one marches ahead.

When the journey is 95% complete, one almost breaks down, bleeds profusely and finds helpless engulfed by the jaws of defeat. But the very rare ones like Tim Robbins (character name: Andy Dufresne) in Shawshank Redemption marches on inspite of all difficulties and completes the journey and finally sees that illusive visage of success and that is mighty relishing. Oh boy, it is!
Tim Robins finds himself in the worst possible situation you can ever imagine after he is falsely charged with murder of his wife. He lands up in jail to serve a life sentence. What is the unique strategy he adopts? You have to watch this movie to know the answer because I won't reveal the story. This movie teaches us that our own problems are so tiny infront of the central character in this movie. Awesome! When I watched Shawshank Redemption for the first time (may be 4 years ago) I was so awe-struck that I couldn't sleep that night.

Recently I watched another movie, Money Ball and it is truly motivating. At first the very concept of watching a movie on a sports(baseball) that I don't follow or like created a repulsive feeling to go ahead ... but then something urged me to give a try! And I was rewarded! Mightily! This movie is about baseball teams in USA, much like the IPL teams in India, and so we can very easily relate to. Brad Pitt (character name: Billy Beane), the GM of Oakland A finds himself down the barrell, when his team loses one after another match and lacks the finance to rope in big names. His good players quit on lofty offers from other teams. Brad Pitt realizes that he can't compete with big teams with a meagre budget. His repeated pleading with the owner of the team to increase team budget fails. It is then a spark of idea flashes from the unknown realm. And he employs a very UNIQUE STRATEGY to build up his team from scratch. When confronted with the experts in the team patronizing for the more conventional ways, he remarks - Adapt of die! And it is this unique strategy which finally pays off!

Now let us talk about our own Bollywood film - Chak De. In this movie Shahrukh Khan (character name: Kabir Khan) had to identify the opportunity disguised in an upnplanned incident that took place when the team was going throuhg a disastrous time - A brawl with some hooligans! A member in the team finds in the receiving end of a rowdy's misdemeanor. All the ladies get united and fight fiercely bringing the hooligans down on their knees. The coach looks on... from a corner, without interfering or attempting to stop the fight. He thinks different ... out of box! He uses this incident to reuinte the team, injecting fresh vigor and the much needed grit, determination and single minded focus to compete. It dissolved the separate individual egos that existed and made everyone cooperate with each other to achieve the larger goal - a world cup victory over tough opponents like Australia, Netherlands, Korea etc.
If you are plagued with difficulties and problems and you have the least clue as to how to come out of the mess, may be it's time to pause and reflect a bit! May be when your head is drowned deep into the problems of life, your vision is obstructed and you can't see the solution. May be you need some different approach, angle of attack, thinking out of the box or some unique strategy.

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