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Trying to understand DESTINY

I had to clean my aquarium. For quite some time now it was accumulating a lot of dirt, shit and left over food particles that I gave the inhabitants to feed on every day. It was stinking horrible.

As I drained out water from the big tank, the black fish kept swimming hard, to and fro, left and right, struggling with all its might to escape the imaginary threat it perceived.

The black fish kept jumping up and down because now the water level was just enough to supply oxygen to its gills... so I hastened up my cleaning job. I scrubbed the inner walls, cleaned the filter to let the stale shit go away in thick chunks under running water, reassembled the whole unit and then started refilling it back. When the aquarium got filled with clean water, the black fish swam gleefully all round the tank much like running a victory lap.

Now just think for a moment from the black fish's perspective: It might think that it actually worked hard, struggled and outsmarted the clutches of death. And it is a well deserved victory that it was celebrating.

Pause and think from my perspective: I never had any intention of killing the fish. Destiny was written all over it that it wouldn't be killed. So if the fish had just taken things easy and behaved normally, it would have saved so much of energy and emotional pain. It would have survived any way.

Now compare my black fish with that in an even bigger fish tank which a fish monger keeps near him to sell fresh fish to the customers. The customer points at a fish and the fish monger catches it. The fish might try to swim hard to escape but it gets caught anyway. It is then chopped alive and then sent to the billing counter. However hard it may try but the fish in this case never escapes the death trap.

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