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Trying my hand at pool

Trying my hands at poolIf you have ever felt to master something - a game of sport or a programming language, first you should ask - Am i really interested?

It's easy to get the answer. You will know if you really are interested. You will be sucked into into it quite badly by an external force. That's why not only do i play the real game now, but also try my hand at the android app - the virtual game of pool - every now and then.

well of course nothing can replace the real feeling. The feeling of holding that stick in hand, then aiming at the real ball and then striking it at the right pace - oh, the sweet sound when the ball goes inside. The satisfaction that ensues... I guess it has to do with the release of pheromones in brain.

The virtual pleasure is only 5 percent of the real thing.

More than one and half year before I was so busy playing table tennis that I mastered the game quite a bit - enough to surprise a few good players - it used to be fun denting  their bloated ego. Most of the time I used to be there in some corner of the office Basement Table Tennis area.

After I came to Netherlands, a table tennis board was as hard to find as the sun in the sky... most of the time the clouds wrap the vast blue sky and the distant sun struggles to reach land. It's cold for most of the year - though recent times we have been lucky to see bright and warm days. Table tennis would have helped really in keeping warm and in shape - but unfortunately in it's absence I found the pool. I found this quite addictive and cool. 

I was quick to learn a few tricks here and there... thanks to the age of google and You Tube. I know now a few shots that impart back and forward spin. I know a few rules and I surely have learnt to hold the cue stick the right way and with the right posture.

You want to put the balls in - You need to relax and calm down. Take deep breathes - not too deep and not too forced - but that much only which come naturally. They say you need to relax your hand that holds the cue stick. I differ. I would rather say you need to relax your mind.

When your mind is relaxed, your hands will automatically relax and then you need to glide that stick on your hand smoothly into a clean to and from motion - with your eyes fixed on the target. Simple geometry would just appear right infront of your mind's eye. That might sound like visualisation - but just before the shot there is that geometrical calculation that would suggest the right spot to strike. Go for it without hesitation. And go with the flow.

Hitting the ball is a part of the flow - and key to that flow is not to hold backwards and not be lost in hesitations.

A few balls wouldn't go where intended. A little bit of luck would sometimes come to rescue.

Practice makes perfect! That's true. I believe practice increases the percentage of time you are in flow. And that's what the professional players are - they are in with that flow right from the first shot.

What remain hidden are then endless hours they put to reach there.


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