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Try, try, try again...

Try try try again until you succeed. That's precisely what we witnessed in a rather one-sided quarterfinal of Euro Cup 2012, between Portugal and Czech-Republics.

Ronaldo was very closesly marked by the red shirts, but he managed to shoot at the goal quite a few times. And he hit the goal bar twice. And twice the ball refused to get inside the post. Very unlucky. He had hit the bar twice in the previous match against Netherlands as well. He grimaced in anguish. Screamed in frustration.

However his spirit remained buoyant and self-belief intact. Instead of cursing his luck and moaning lost opportunities, he got busy running hard and looking for passes from his team mates.

At around 80th minute, spotting another opportunity from a pacy ball hurled across near the Czech goal post, he flung and dived downwards, heading the ball fiercely into the ground which deflected with greater speed and got deposited in the Czhech-net. No chance for the Czhech goal-keeper.

Finally seeing Christiano Ronaldo celebrate with joy and ecstasy, I was reminded of that 700 year old story,... genesis of the well known adage, 'Try try try again till you succeed.'

It was Robert, the Bruce. King of Scotland. Having been defeated 6 out of 6 encounters with mighty England army, he lay hopeless and shattered inside a cave hide out. Here he witnessed a spider successfully spinning her web on it's seventh attempt, having failed six consecutive times. This motivated Robert to launch a seventh attack on England. Needless to say, he succeeded this time.

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