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Tricky defensive shots from Selby helps clinch his first ever snooker world title

Oh, how much I adore O'Sullivan and how much I wanted him to win. 

But alas, Selby was too strong in the end and he won the world snooker championship yesterday, breaking my heart into pieces.

Lately, I have seen whoever I support, loses the match and I suffer a lot. 

Okay, now let's come out of the result of the match and focus on something I observed in the match.

Somewhere during the middle of this match, I saw Selby scoring some 25 - 30 points in one go - and when the balls were not there to be potted, he would play a superb defensive shot to place it somewhere awkward for Sullivan to play a good shot. How important was that in the context of the whole match? It irritated and disturbed rhythm of the free-flowing Sullivan. 

Normally he likes to go bang bang bang - in a flash - like a bulldozer on the opponent crushing and breaking his confidence into pieces. 

But Selby never allowed him to dictate terms by always playing those tricky defensive shots - which invariable ensured that Sullivan never had the right position to hit his beautiful shots. 

Playing a good game for a player is crucial - but playing to opponent's weak points and making his life difficult is equally important if not more.

In the end those consistent defensive shots by Selby made the difference. 

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