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Three means of transport

Three means of transport

Interpretation is subjective. 

There are lot of things happening around us all the time and we interpret these in our own way.  Focusing on a certain area increases the chance of discovering more of the object that is concentrated upon. 

So today while I was nonchalantly cycling to work, as usual late by almost an hour, I happened to see this just over my head. 

Three means of transport. 

1. The jet plane

2. The Four wheeler

3. Bicycle

I thought, why not look at it this way:

The one that is destined for the sky will invariably rise upwards and none can stop that - people can only remain a witness. The 4 wheeler and the cycle can never compete with him. He scales up to kiss the horizon, doesn't bother much...  remains unaffected and keeps moving forward...  

My father once said - "Sky is the limit". I can almost hear his voice. 

The one who drives on road can attain good speed, but doesn't stand a chance against the plane. He has two choices - rejoice his victory over the poor cycle or think of a way to change his vehicle.

It is a whole paradigm shift that is required sometimes.

Successful people have always looked upward for possible means to stretch even further and surpass the stronger opponent.

Now, the one which meanders along on the cycle track is oblivious of everything.

These are many in number. These are everywhere.  They not only make the cycle track crowded but also don't believe they can either cruise on a highway or spread wings to fly.


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