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The unique journey called life

The concept of living together in a big family has long been abandoned as foolish and outdated and we see the younger generation migrating out from their parental home and encapsulating themselves into nuclear nests of- You, me and our baby. Beyond that the eyes struggle to see, the heart aches to share and the mind generates seemingly obvious conclusions- harsh and hard on the older generation.
Life revs on the faster lane and there is an acute shortage of time. People are literally running on the roads and if someone falls he gets crushed in stampede.
Everything comes packaged into use and throw items. Starting from pens to carry bags. People are in a dumping mode- dumping old clothes, the garbage,diseased pets, plastic cans, papers, old vegetables in refrigerator, left-over food etc. Rotten smell permeates the urban air, as dump yards get saturated. There is no time to divert left over food to hungry mouths or old clothes to the orphanages. No time even to think about it.
In this busy urban life, the need of an old parent is suddenly felt, when husband and wife leave hurriedly to work and there is none for baby-sitting. Mushrooming 'Day Cares' and 'Creches' market aggressively to cash in on this opportunity like vultures waiting on an impending cattle-death.
Charity begins at home. We start with our own home and then scale out in similar manner with our mother land. While the national anthem still manages to inspire us, forcing us to stand upright on our foot in awe and respect for our nation, the slightest onsite opportunity for a better career and money invokes our mind to dump it without an iota of remorse.
Having dumped our parents and country, we set out to build a castle in an empty and barren land, bereft of friends, relatives, parents and happiness. Sitting hours together on weekends, infront of an inanimate monitor we update the latest images, picnic spots, office hang-outs and friendly get-togethers in facebook, seeking to quench the ever increasing thirst of sharing life with our own people.
But life keeps running at an amazing pace. As the hunt for another inhabitable planet or satellite continues, a time might come when we have to dump this whole planet for good. But still some foolish people will seek to cling on to the dying earth, no matter what the prospect of migrating to a new planet promises to bring! Such people belong to the old school of thought, live together in their home, meshing well with each other, branching out into many parts enclosed in the same space, rubbing each other's back, fighting and then reuniting - sharing this unique journey called life.

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