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The strange feeling of insecurity

April 11, 2015

Feeling of insecurity comes from unfulfilled life. Think this way - God has been kind to me and has provided me enough to be happy and contented - but God hasn't been so kind to so many others... A fresh breath of gratitude can charge the soul...

One who is in hallucination will always wander away into a bottomless dustbin of misery. Want to come out of that shit - just decide  - just be happy - take some deep breathes - feel contented - sleep well my dear friend - you are good........ there is no reason for you to think you are being robbed of something - if you think that - you actually end up getting robbed. It's all in the mind.

If you remain contented and happy and most importantly, FRIENDLY, then things will just fall in the right places.... 

Often we don't get outside the box... we keep twisting and turning in that baggage of shit and try to think in a limited way.... but if we come out and look at the huge blue sky and faraway horizon - we'll discover the infinite scope to achieve and gain....

But FIRST, we have to let go of the things we are so attached to...

...otherwise we won't develop wings to spread and conquer the sky.

so whatever you have... be it knowledge or any other form of asset - pass it on to others without any fear of insecurity - because that's the only way to gain impetus to learn more and go beyond the comfortable zone... because nature works that way - goes ahead by giving ... stops by accumulating

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