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The stickiness of a good art work

The stickiness of a good creative work - keeps me look at the work again and again. When I come from work I lay my eyes on it for a long time - forgetting everything. When I m done for the day and ready to hit the bed, I can't help but steal one more glance at the art work. I am in love with it. There is an inexplicable match that has come out of no where that signals me that the painting is complete and the painting is good. 

Who cares what the world has to say? I am so busy in my own ecstasy...

However I feel the need to be done with it - and move on for newer discoveries...

But still the urge to savor a good work lingers on... And let me bask a little bit more...

A little waste of time. A little indulgence in nothingness... laziness. On doing nothing. On simply staring at my painting... 

Is this good or bad? I don't know. 

If forced on gun point for a choice  - I would say GOOD.

Irony of life - I had actually thought it to be BAD when I started writing the blog...  But somehow during this small time of writing, I am amazed to see how I have changed my mind. I guess it happens when we ponder a little more - think over and over on something ... sometimes we do change minds. 

A little celebration,  basking on your own small achievement - resting on your laurels - sometimes can be rewarding. Nothing wrong with this... Lots of time ahead for exploration - What's the hurry?

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