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The night sky

When I look at the night sky with the twinkling stars and the bright and beautiful moon, I wonder is it the canvas of my life - the moon being the biggest dot and the stars being the tiny ones?
The effulgent moon represents the primary goal and the numerous stars are the various other activities I do, starting from something trivial like brushing my teeth to more and more complex ones like programming, attending a client meeting, reading books, exercising, participating in welfare activities and so on. Is it possible that all these different dots will one day connect to form a beautiful picture? Or is it that the more I hop from one dot to another, I lose connection with that ultimate dot- the moon?
If I pause and try to draw inspiration from great men and how they lived, I see that they stuck to their primary area of focus endlessly. Mother Teresa brings an image of care, compassion and service. Gandhi has become synonymous with Non-Violence. Mozart with music. Picasso with painting.
Even the multi talented Leonardo Da Vinci is known for his paintings and not for his theory of plate tectonics or design of the prototype helicopter. On the other hand Rabindranath Tagore is known as a poet and not as a painter!
Looking back at the sky once again, I wonder how can I take my eyes off the beautiful moon which shines so bright? Even when an errant cloud shields it, I look for it to return back in the dark, infinite and empty space. The stars are simply not bright enough to distract me. Sometimes they don’t exist!

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