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The importance of NO

We have to say no to so many things, so many times. Sometimes it makes me think - Its more important to say no than to say yes.

 We have always been taught that we should be positive, polite, humble and confident. That means we should say YES more and NO less. We should try to be a yes man… under all circumstances.

In the course of interaction with our friends, neighbors and relatives we face so many circumstances where a NO can ruin the relationship. And we utter that word 'YES' even though we don't like the idea. We take care of others’ sentiments, expectations and feelings and we don't want to hurt them. After all we are sensible and responsible human beings. How can we be so rude? But is 'NO' equivalent of being rude?

 I think, No doesn't mean being rude. No means I value my own time and my own self and I plan to do something else with it for my own betterment. No means I am in control of my life and I openly deny letting go this control. Shutting all options of spending time in things that won't help us achieve our goals is an excellent idea to be more efficient. In fact it is the first step towards proper time management. It is the right step towards remaining focused to your goals.

 We all have the same 24 hours in a day. We must sleep for 8 hours. How we spend those remaining 16 hours decide what our destiny is going to be like. And time cannot be created nor be bought. It waits for none. It simply passes by in a linear direction. It doesn’t have a heart or feelings. Sometimes it is very rude. So what then is the solution to devote more time to the actions that have more priority? You have to say no to those actions that have nothing to do with your goals. Constant utterances of that two alphabet word will keep giving you a lot of time to focus on your goals. And your goals and dreams will soon blossom into reality.

No does another wonder! It reduces the expectation others have towards you. Once people lower that bar of expectation from you, you are as free as a bird. You don't run the risk of hurting someone's sentiments! People will understand. They will know deep down their heart that it is in your nature to not accede to their demands, desires and expectations.

 Now you can do whatever you feel. You can remain absorbed in your own creative world. You can focus more on your health by increasing the number of hours you spend in gym or in playing tennis. Now you can go for a night walk after dinner every day. Write a blog entry every day. Enjoy a beautiful Raga on Sarod by Nikhil Banerjee or a soothing flute by Ronu Majumdar. You can also seek to draw inspiration from Big B's blog. You can plan to write a novel. Cycle everyday for half an hour and learn some musical instruments. Most importantly you can start looking at your RAL and analyze how much has been done and how much remains to be completed.

 With a little courage to say NO more often, ample of time in hand as a result and a formidable determination you can achieve almost anything!

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