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The golden kick

It's a trivial incident that I remember from childhood. I was small then but big enough to have stored this incident in one of the chasms of my memory.

Rainy season it was and we were out of our houses... playing and running all around in the green fields. The fields had accumulated small pools of water with small and colorful fish. Some of the bigger boys tried their hands in catching fish and we watched from behind. It required quite a skill and a lot of patience.

One of the boys adept in fishing started running to a far end of the pool and stopped. I followed him and then seeing him stop, I stopped as well. He stooped low and looked keenly at the water, much like a fish-hunting bird and then kicked the water and a big splash of water fell on the grass. He left the spot in disgust.

By some stroke of intuition, I began to check that area where the water had fallen. Bingo!!! there was a golden fish jumping and writhing. I was ecstatic. I folded a leaf to make a small container, put some water in it and then left the fish there, relieving it from the momentary suffocation. My friends were surprised and I proudly displayed it. Later I freed it in a pond so that it could swim and play freely.

This story has a profound lesson... and that is no matter what the circumstances, always expect something good and nice. The boy who had kicked that water never expected that his kick had actually won him a fish. The boy had the ability to catch fish which I lacked. But I caught the fish.

Not necessarily accomplishments and rewards are in direct proportion to ability and talent. More often than not an instinct of expecting something good and positive enables one reap the rewards.

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