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The Doers and the Escapists

In my childhood I had read a story.

It went something like this - In the very old days, a big boat had set off for a long journey to another country. However due to inclement weather the boat lost its path and floated onto a deserted island - full of thick forest and wild animals. The occupants in the boat were hungry, so they got down and started arrangements for cooking.

But they needed dry woods to set the fire. But who would go to fetch woods in thick forest? Who would risk his life?

Finally one young man agreed. He entered the dense forest to collect parched woods.

In the meantime the storm abated and it looked good to resume the journey. Because who knows the storm might reappear! But that young man who had gone to bring in dry woods for fire had not returned yet? Patience ran out soon and everyone decided that the journey should be resumed.

That young man was stranded, alone in that island. Ahhhhhwww!!!!!!! Good reward for a selfless act!

Moral of the story... Those that have the tendency to help others will keep helping... endlessly... irrespective of the outcome of that selfless act.

In all walks of life you will find two types of people - the doers and the escapists.

Doers will help even if they don't get anything in return... and sometimes even when they have to pay for their benevolence. The escapists are smarter. Escapists are adept in figuring out ROI, i.e, ‘Return on Investment’. They are not interested if their contribution doesn't fetch value. Material value.

The doers will discharge their duties at any cost and escapists will escape invariably. Doers will go the extra mile... Escapists will have the excuses ready at the tip or their tongue… excuses that will sound serious, reasons that will sound genuine and explanations that will sound logical and true. The escapists know how to use them.

Selflessly acting on their duties, the doers will get lashed out at, rebuked and criticized... for not doing even more! Their contribution will remain unnoticed and they will be blamed for anything that will remain undone. On the other hand the escapists will escape all blame, all blasphemy and sometimes even win hearts!!!

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