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Take care of your spoilt children O' Almighty!

I will go on the path of righteousness, straight and unwavering, endless and blissful. I will go in the name of the supreme consciousness - Krishna or Allah or Christ or Buddha.

I will go endless - on that path of joy and bliss - without attachment, without greed, without intention of sensory gratification. 

I will go endless - unafraid and unshackled, unperturbed and unashamed - for He is my Protector - who need I fear from?

My goal and my perspective encompasses the larger picture - from the topmost viewpoint - those who deter me, hurt me act from ignorance and disturb my focus - may God forgive them. 

My gratitude to His greatest gifts - my assets which I cherish. The Almighty dwells in everybody or not - i am not sure - because some evil people i see around - they are actually evil and upset me - hurt me: who are those - the supreme consciousness???? - i don't believe. How can You or Your Part be so ugly?

They are entities of a different sort - plagued by negative forces which need healing. Healing at what cost? My blood? My sweat? Why?

It is your problem O'  God - it's your creation and not mine. Take care of your spoil t children.

I am not answerable to the dirty painting you painted. I am not responsible for your mistakes. Spare me my life. My free space. You do what you want. You punish, or you let go - it's your call, I am too tired now - let me rest and remain in peace. 

Take care of your spoilt children O' Almighty! 

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