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Striving to change the present

I am not able to paint and it is such a big pain.

I am not that type of a person who will sit inside a golden cage with spic and span furnitures and mirrors and delve in thoughts of fullfillment and empty success... But i would rather like to sweat in closed room with my half completed painting and canvas hung on the wall staring at me and challenging me to go for the right move...

I would rather like to go out loose and carefree like a mad person smearing the canvas with different colors from all sides and with all possible tools - knife, brush, scotch brite, tooth brush and my own body and look at it from all possible angles to find if it looks the way I would like it to look.

I would rather go for a new concept in my next venture - buy a white canvas and again hang it like a virgin lady and wait for it to be smeared by my imaginary colors.

Those colors color my life. Not the colors of my empty life and slavery... My bondage with the material world that promises me bread at the end of the day. My servile demeanor that stinks! Stinks of stale cow dung.

But my paintings were never sold - but so were van gogh's. And my paintings have been criticised. Badly. But so were van gogh's

Huh, doesn't mean i am van gogh. Sure, that is.

But at least an endeavour to think in a different line. Not everyone can be like this, because I belong to the rare club. So if you don't agree with my line of thought please don't oppose me or try to mentor me. Because I am the way I am and I won't change. Let me think in my own way.

Let me repent sometime, because that brings more pleasure than being happy.

Let me touch sadness a bit now.

Let me aspire for the highest glory - yearn for the impalpable and delicate line - so may be in future i will do some good work - so why not let me sow some seeds. I know I can change the present and I know I should.

But this is exactly that. Striving to change the present, the now.

Didn't you realize?

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