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Sometimes opponent will make mistakes...

Again while playing chess with a new opponent i came upon this learning... he had a better rating (937) or something than me (840) and that he was clearly showing in his game - he was dominating from the start and very soon ate my rook. i was cursing my foolishness and wondering what to do now .. still tried to give the best moves and somehow hung in there... and then suddenly out of nowhere he give me a check in a way that if my my king eats his queen a standby horse of his would eat mine... but my own horse was lurking at the side which he failed to notice and it jumped and gobbled his queen up. Oh - what a satisfaction! i couldn't believe my luck. then he ate my horse up and then i had so much choice - my queen could eat his rook with check or my king could eat his horse and as i was thinking which move to give - he surrendered... 

As i won - i couldn't help but think about the whole episode... i felt - that had i lost hope i wouldn't have got this chance... because i hung in there i created the opportunity. You know what - you never know - opportunities come in different colors. Sometimes your opponent will make silly mistakes and you can then punish him. 

Its a bit metaphorical - if you think deep - life in general is your opponent as it throws different problems at you. Instead of over-reacting if we just hang in there with a cool head, who knows, there may be a time when life presents us with a golden opportunity. And then you should capitalize. And then people will say you were lucky but they won't consider that you had waited with perseverance for your turn to capitalize on the opportunity. 

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