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Some more blogging tips

Why some more blogging tips... why not simply BLOGGING TIPS?

Because there are already so many of them existing in the net! So I am adding on to that ocean of information. Here I intend to share my own style.

 1. Don't break the series: If it is a series of events, then post the series one after another without injecting other topics in between. If this takes time between two subsequent blogs, then let that be it. Why care? What is important is quality and not quantity! And therefore this whole series lies contiguously in one place, easy to locate and properly structured. This ofcourse reflects this simple truth - THIS SERIES HAS BEEN GIVEN A LOT OF IMPORTANCE AND CARE. PROPER EFFORT HAS BEEN TAKEN TO POST THEM ONE AFTER ANOTHER and the author has taken his own sweet time to come up with the best possible shots and information.

I took 25 days to complete travelogue series - Drive from Bangalore to Goa,  and during this time ripples of different thoughts did rise and I managed to write them in a notepad and saved in my local disk... until the right moment to give them life into the infinite cyber space. What else would have I done? Intervened this travel series of Goa trip and injected my thoughts into live blogs? Would that have been correct? Wouldn't that have diluted the travel blog? Could people retain their curiosity to come back and check the Goa-trip-blog on a day by day basis? 

2. Value: Another rule I follow is that the post should have value for the audience. The recently concluded nine day series travelogue on Goa, along with the introduction will continue to offer a guideline for anyone who wishes to take up the same journey in future. It has a lot of value and it contains all information... the latest road condition, hotel locations, difficulty or ease with which one can access a particular location, choice of the correct sea beach from so many beaches in Goa and so on.

3. Maintain proper structure: The permalinks are uniformly chosen so if you type this:
and hit the enter key you will land in the 1st day of my Goa Trip. Now simply replace day1 by day2 and you will have day2 and similarly day3, day4 and so on. This represents uniformity. I am not an SEO expert but I do believe that simple common sense prevails and prevails to the extent that even SEO will be taken care of automatically.

4. Upload images in Flickr/Picasaweb and embed in your blog: I upload the photos in both Picasa and Flickr and embed in my blog. That's a real saviour! You know why? Due to the simple reason that otherwise you will lose your hosting space in no time. Also embedding Flickr/Picassa images is simple and easy. Flickr image qualities are good as well. They are easy to upload. Faster. Simple drag and drop.

5. Don't focus on traffic: Post for the sake of self-satisfaction and not traffic! A job well done, might not give immediate rewards, but it's impact will travel a thousand miles before fading out. The onus is on the search engines to find you and not you to find them.

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