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Snake on the road

Early rain in Bangalore brings with it good news in many ways. Mercury has come down by a few degrees bringing respite to all of us. The heat was really getting intolerable! Early days though, the chance of a mango-less summer is less likely. Promise of rain also means a good harvest season for the poor farmers.

Different types of insects are now seen flying all over. Even the snakes have left their burrows as the rain water has got into them. Today while going to work, I was suddenly stopped by a man with a frightened look. He cautioned me not to go ahead, as a snake lay ahead at the corner of the road. Where, Where… I asked him with excitement! He was somewhat astonished at my reaction. He went forward slowly and stretched his hand from a distance… there you see. I assured him, “Don’t worry the snakes are more afraid of us that we are of them.” So I went close to the snake, and took a photo from almost 2 – 3 feet away, pretty close! And here is that snap (didn't zoom at all):


Beautiful snap, isn’t it? This was taken from nokia mobile 5530, 3.2 mp camera inbuilt with the phone. These are beautiful creatures. No need to hate them! They deserve the right to live. It’s high time we learn to live together without disturbing the ecological balance and the food chain. It’s high time we create more natural habitat – ponds, lakes and forests for them and let them live peacefully.

A little later the snake crawled speedily to the other side of the road to reach the dense verdant which gave it cover for safety. It had really panicked when the plain road made it conspicuous to the passerby’s.

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