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Scheveningen Beach

This was our 2nd sea-beach outing in Netherlands. 1st was Zandvoort. Location of this beach is a place called Dane Hague. From schiphol airport, there are frequent trains to Dane Hague HS, and from Dan Hague HS to beach is a lovely tram ride. Just as you get out of the station in Dan Hauge HS station you will see the trams - right in-front. 

This is a beautiful beach. Better than Zandvoort sea beach. The weather was nice and the atmosphere was great. The place was lively. The beach extended indefinitely on both sides and there were many people. 


One unique aspect of this beach is - there are many sculptures. This creates a lovely view of the adjoining pathway running parallel to the beach. A broken face can be seen at a distance and it looks awesome. Some of the sculptures are shown below - 


As far as food is concerned, some mobile vans do sell prawn fry but - they are not great. They charge 5-6 euro per plate and give very less quantity. In Zandvoort, for this same price you get almost double the prawn in quantity and better quality.  A good option is Mac D near the beach, but then you don't get sea food here. There are many other places to eat and hang out... can be explored... 

Scheveningen pier is very famous and a climb up the tower gives you quite a nice scenic view of the distant sea and the adjoining beach. If you are fond of bungy jumping - you can have a great time in the pier. If you are not (like me) you can enjoy the action from a distance. The sunset from this place is indeed good. 

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