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Ruthless Nadal clinches French Open 2012

Nadal's greatest asset is his body language. The way he jumps on the ground prior to the start of the match, thumps the air after hitting a winner, curses himself upon missing an opportunity and stares at the rival occasionally helps him create a panicky environment for the opponent. He tries to rule by his mind before launching the attack physically.

A very good return from an opponent in most cases might find a player give in, but not Nadal. He will find some way to reach the ball and with extended reach hit it with the greatest muscle power that can ever be garnered in such an awkward position.

Nadal is human and he does err at times, but his mannerisms never reflect his susceptibility. He carries himself with an air of authority and contempt that warns his opponent of the fury lurking within him on the other side. This helps create fear and subordination... many a times defeating the opponent well in advance in his psyche much before it actually materializes in the court.

Looking at the recently concluded French open, I can come to one conclusion very easily. Nadal looked more desperate than Djokovic. It was do or die for him. It was a case of bringing back lost glory. Restoring the lost ego that had been robbed off not once... but multiple times by Djokovic. And he meant business from the very start. Very clear in his intention and his hostile strokes, agile limbs and extraordinary precision was steering the ship in only one direction ... towards his French open title, surpassing the great Bjon Borg's record.

However it was not a cake walk. Djokovic's game picked up after a slow start. It looked as if he had been woken up from a deep slumber and the very fact that he was playing in the finals of French open took time to sink in ... almost towards the start of third set when we saw a different Djokovic altogether. His shots were coming through just the way we have known them. Clean hits, spectacular accuracy, magnificent anticipation. His lobs up and over Nadal's head were the shots of the day.

Momentum did swing Djokovic's way and swung hard to the extent that he was seen bulldozing his way through the fourth set as well. Had only not rain intervened! We would never know that though... but I have a strong feeling that without rain's unwelcomed entry, Djokovic would have taken the fourth set and then we could witness a cracker of a deciding set.

However Rain Gods had a different script in store. Rain not only dampened the red clay but Djokovic's momentum as well. Play had to be suspended finally!

Rest of the match, I couldn't see. However when I checked the scores at Roland Garros official website, discovered that the end part was an anticlimax! Nadal had won a convincing 3 sets to 1.

Images of the victorious Nadal looked rather ominous. Very rightly termed as the king of clay. We will have to wait and watch how Djokovic reacts to it in the next grand slam.

Thank God we have a Nadal for a Djokovic and vice-verca. Tennis would have been a boring affair otherwise.

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