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Reward the efficient interviewer

In the core of success of an organization lies the process of recruitment... the way interviews are conducted and new candidates are chosen and taken on board. How is recruitment done in an organization can decide it's progress or downfall in the long run.

One wrong candidate selected by any chance tends to kick start breeding of further wrong candidates through wrong interviews. So the root cause, i.e. selection of unworthy candidates has to be checked right at the beginning.

If an employee (XYZ) has been responsible for recruitment of 10 other employees and those 10 employees were found to be useful resources who generated a lot of revenue, then is there a way that XYZ gets his due credit and encouragement? In most cases the answer is NO. And therefore those that recruit the right candidates continue to perform a thankless job and others who bring in inefficient work force continue to make the organization bleed silently.

Processes always don't give the right answer. HR's might have a quota to fulfill their target. Employees might have KPIs attached to the number of interviews taken in one cycle of appraisal evaluation. And evaluators/appraisers are required to evaluate on the basis of true data. Fulfillment of these three steps doesn't guarantee that the best capable workforce is chosen.

Reward and punishment for correct and wrong recruitment respectively is indispensable for maintaining a good influx of resources. And to enable this, proper recruitment-related data needs to be stored and worked upon periodically.

Simply put, reward the efficient interviewer and prevent the inefficient from taking interviews.

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