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Repetition... The mantra to excel

Repetitive jobs can be boring but they are potentially rewarding, provided they are performed with unflinching seriousness over a long period of time, may be 10 years or even 20 years. The daily routine should contain a baggage of action items that fall under the category of repetitive actions. Let us call this Repetitive Action List (RAL). Performing the action items under RAL for a long period of time will bring one great rewards and fulfillment.
As an example, The HareKrishna Mahamantra is repetitively chanted for 108 times and then one round is said to be completed. A highly devoted Krishna worshipper is supposed to complete 16 such rounds in a day. This grants him happiness, peace, strength to fight the illusive Maya and fixes his mind in the devotional activities for the Supreme Lord, Krishna. The early Spiritual Gurus were prudent enough to realize the potency of action in repetitive mode and therefore created this procedure of worship.
Learning any new skill requires building of a solid plan of action and constant repetition of acting on that plan over a long period of time. As I wrote in one of the previous blogs about RFSA, a simple method of keeping aside a miniscule amount of money each day will see your wealth grow enormously one day, may be twenty years from now. So repetitive action coupled with performing this over a long period of time holds the key. We should remember the adage - Rome was not built in a day!
Now there are things that we like to do and we can easily maintain them in our RAL. Those that we don't like to do is difficult to maintain in our RAL. For this you have to attach high priority to that work which you realise is important but you hate to do. And make that work less priority which you like to do and which is also important. Needless to say, that which is not important to you but which you enjoy doing should be out of RAL. So RAL should have two categories - (a) high priority action items. (b) low priority action items. Maintain this RAL for one month and after that you might realize that you need to reassess it. Because those that you hated once might come naturally to you now and you might start enjoying them and viceverca. So now reconstruct the RAL and again focus it for the next month. And then again reanalyze. This is dynamic management of RAL.
To summarize, remember two things - 1. Repetitive action 2. Performing this repetitve action over a considerably long period of time. This is the mantra to excel.

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