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Renovation of Ranganathittu

Today I read in the newspaper that Ranganathittu is all set for a face-lift. There are proposals for constructing children’s park, widening the roads and planting more trees. There is a controversy already brewing over this… some consider that new trees planted will improve the ambience and natural food for birds while others contend that this will also increase noise and disturbance and might thwart their arrival every season.

Birds are extremely sensitive in nature and the smallest disturbance might see them fleeing this place. Utmost care should be taken to maintain absolute silence in these places. Visitors might be trained to be gentle, humble and silent before entering these places. Much like the airhostesses’ initial training imparted to the air passengers in case of an emergency landing.

However I have to acknowledge that the bird sanctuary has been wonderfully maintained till now. Thanks to the management and workers here. It looks clean and organized. Also the birds don’t fear the visitors as no one harms them. It is an excellent natural habitat, where one finds a confluence of flora and fauna… different varieties of birds, insects, worms, crocodiles, fish, monkeys, small plants, green grass and large trees coexisting peacefully. The visitors enjoy this tranquility and refrain from any kind of disturbance. Liquors and cigarettes are strictly prohibited. The chirping of the birds relaxes the nervous system and can act like a therapy. People suffering from hypertension, work pressure, insomnia, restlessness and depression can find immense satisfaction here. Regular visits might cure one from such mental ailments.

This peaceful piece of land is like a small paradise that escaped ruthless plundering of human selfishness and greed. And this is one of the few water-bodies surviving in Karnataka which still attract migratory birds in good numbers.

I remember when I was new to Bangalore, the lakes had many birds. But with passage of time, water and birds… both have diminished. The water stinks at times… when you pass by these lakes. Sewerage leakage, factory outlets, human and animal facets, dumping of garbage plastics and waste materials over a long time has taken its toll.

While I blatantly patronize more and more planting of trees, but the construction of childrens’ park and other proposals to increase tourists arouse little concern.

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