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Relentless life

Look at Sachin Tendulkar, he has no rest... eve after scoring hundred centuries. He is practicing away ball after ball in the nets. He has to score many more hundreds. He is thirsty.
The Bollywood King, Amitabh Bachchan is even thirstier. His endeavors branch out in so many directions. Starting from Gujarat Tourism, Polio campaign, to acting, singing and writing tweets and blogs. And now again he is planning for the next episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati. His focus is to make the program more interesting. He doesn't want to give a boring episode, not even once. He is at it all the time, planning in his mind, practising in his studio with an imaginary crowd may be.
And what about those who have retired from their professions... For example a retired shuttler, Gopichand...trying hard to succeed as a coach. And he has already given one great shuttler to the nation – The Sensational Saina Nehwal! His playing skills definitely help him to guide and train young players. But his role has shifted from a player to a coach and he neither had any time as a player nor now as a coach.
Consider ex-cricketer Saurav Ganguly. What after the game of cricket? You think life is easy now! You think he has some relief...not having to fight it out against opposition and media? No way! He has put his hands into so many things - a television Anchor, an expert analyst in some news channel, ESPN Star sports commentator and managing Hotel Business.
How can we forget our own lives? A flashback will help - travel backwards in time when we were preparing for class X final examination. For us that was a matter of life and death! We studied hard, sometimes all through the cold night till early morning, and then we were so happy with our effort in the examination. Out came the results and vanished our brief reprieve! Soon we got admitted in colleges and along with it started preparation for Entrance Examinations. "Now this one is final! Get a good rank and your life is made," we used to feel! We got some rank and entered engineering colleges. Then we worked hard for the semester examinations. Each examination was important. When it came to campus interviews...we thought..."This will make or break our life! This is the final frontier!" We did get a job, some in campus interviews itself and others in a more roundabout and difficult way and things became normal. Then so many things happened. We got married in between. We struggled with project works and finally delivered the first project successfully. We thought this was something very important to our career and felt so relieved. But soon we had problems from the next project to solve! Alas! The initial hiccups of a newly married life coupled with work pressure made us miserable...and we thought if only we could balance our lives - office and personal...A final frontier to achieve...and then life would be smooth. And we had everything under our control, until another problem cropped up and again we had to prove ...And then again...
Life is relentless. There is no rest. We keep working, keep delivering, keep falling and then getting up, keep running but there is no end. It is like running on a treadmill which takes us nowhere. We actually are stranded in that same place. Our muscles ache and we get tired.

Hold on. Let me pause and take some deep breathes and then reflect a little more...

It really is an eye opener, only if we start writing all that we have achieved on a piece of paper. The list looks attractive. It might seem that we don't reach any destination but in reality our objective of running on the treadmill is to stay fit and have an attractive physique. And when we drive a car, the objective shifts from physical fitness to reaching a destination! So we need to remap our efforts with our accomplishments. And now the picture looks better from this perspective!

Looking back at some other old friends...their lives... when I see that they escaped most of the hardships in those days only to end up with a less fulfilling and happy life, I feel sad for them. Only if there was a proper guide or a mentor to show them the correct path!
I am happier to be in my own shoes! I don't mind the relentless grinding. It's already late... let me go to sleep now, so that tomorrow I can wake up with even more energy and vigor and work with all my might!

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