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Reality Check

Unfortunately, as it turned out, we were not successful!

I was hopeful yesterday that the result would be positive and the problem we have been facing since the last few days would eventually be solved. But in the morning at around 10.30 am I discovered that this was not the case. Our online Application stalled once more and the same issue came up again. All the fixes that we had put the previous day proved futile. Facing such a negative outcome in the morning is indeed depressing. I went back to  bed and dug myself underneath the blanket - closed my eyes and didn't feel like opening it again...

Sometimes we desire an event to happen in a certain way - and then we tend to believe that the outcome will be in accordance with our expectation. But many a times it actually ends up being quite the opposite and then we get depressed. This is actually not right.

If you really want to be pragmatic and realistic in life, it's important you harbour no bias in your evaluation of a particular situation. There should always be proper calculative steps taken before embarking upon a certain task/project and careful analysis of possible ways in which a particular functionality or application-behavior can go wrong should be taken account of.

If it's a website-go-live project, then before getting the website for end-user-use, proper performance tests, load tests and functionality tests should take place. There should be plan B to fall back on in case the original plan for implementing a particular change goes wrong,

I thought about all these things when I was still in the bed.

I got up and then got rid of all the negative emotions that were crowding my head like a bunch of bees around someone who pokes the hive. Not quite a good way to begin the day - but then not all days will turn out evergreen - there will be few of them, when the clouds will simply be too dark.

So what? That's life.

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