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Reading right vs reading fast

I came across lots of articles and programs about reading fast. They would say don’t read the sentences in your mind but just have a glance and try to gobble up a whole line with one glance and then move on to the next line. Keep gobbling up lines like this...starting with short lines and then increasing the length slowly with practice. I tried many times to read like this, very much aspiring to be as efficient as Swami Vivekananda. But I failed always. I would miss the meaning of the sentences. Not knowing what I was reading. Now I have surrendered and concluded – I CAN’T DO THIS! Moreover the whole concept seems weird! 

While reading the book - Last lecture by Randy Pausch, I was so involved with the narration that I lost awareness of self... of my surrounding.

Then I came out of the book and pondered, "Isn't it the way books should be read?" To hell with fast reading! I would rather be slow and get immersed in the author's virtual world. I would rather take more hours to finish a book than save time only to miss some important message. I would rather take a dip into the nectar of wisdom a book can offer than worry about speed.

I just have a feeling that even Vivekananda would appreciate this!


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