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Rainy Evening through my window

Rainy Evening through my window

As I sit near the window,
I see flashes of lightening across the murky sky...
Someone from heaven is taking pictures of me?

A soft drizzle permeates the silence in sweet rhythm
In it's charm and tranquility rises a fear hidden
what if  the lightening lands on me?

i feel vulnerable...scared
i feel humble.....small

the flashes wane...
and i can't hear the thunder anymore, 
only the soothing rain...

I keep looking through the window...
at the cars parked on the deserted space below
They don't move an inch... least bothered of all
Beneath the glittering yellow lamps on the wall

A man in his cycle seems lost...
manages to cut his way through the wind and water

A pizza delivery boy revs his scooter...

Nature has no effect whatsoever...

But as it continues....  i can't help but think
in this ignorance is bliss... isn't it ?

Free from worry... anxiety... pain
the lightening has stopped and so has the rain

through the crack in a cloud shines the last golden ray
into the womb of darkness slips one more day...

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