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Prerequisites of preparation

So you are all set to prepare and practice to hone your skills in a particular area? And you are determined? Well that's good news! However do you have the necessary requirements?

A cricketing aspirant needs all cricketing hardware and 21 otherlike-minded companions. Someone who aspires to be a badminton player needs a wooden indoor court with proper net and another badminton enthusiast. A student aiming for an engineering seat in a good college needs proper coaching and a competitive atmosphere to develop his expertise in the necessary subjects. A shooter aspiring for an Olympic gold needs the shooting gadgets and a place where he can shoot without any disturbance or fear of killing people. The list simply goes on unendingly…

Bottom line is whatever you aspire to achieve, you need the prerequisites. Meeting these criteria comes before setting out in search of the necessary skills. It comes before you flex your muscles and practice hard. It is the groundwork or the base on which your massive preparation will rest.

Negligence in building up the base can hamper preparation, thereby dampening your chance to succeed!


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