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Plan B

So what we weren't successful, our spirits weren't quite dampened, we had rock solid faith of pulling it off - no matter how many hurdles had to be over-comed. So we went ahead with plan B.

Plan B was to recreate the problem and IDENTIFY the exact point of failure - and then solve it. Easier said than done - a few days went by as we got busy trying to recreate the problem. The testing team simulated the issue with stress test (or load test) using j-meter. Things were looking good - we were finally able to recreate the issue - though it was not the ideal way - but using some workarounds! But we did it! Our next goal would be to now increase the infrastructure resources - more nodes, more memory, cpu and then re-run the load tests to see if the issue disappears... But no more on Thursday! Enough for the Day! Friday was a holiday....

This time around we were quite fortunate to get an extended weekend due to the Christmas Holidays - so we were happy to leave all pending tasks and problems at the office-desk and return home with a new spirit of joy, enthusiasm and happiness.

However it turned out a little different from my expectation of a happy weekend. Romir is not quite well - and his mild throat pain yesterday aggravated into quite a nagging soreness with intermittent bouts of cough. Adding to that high temperatures sometimes during the day and night - all put together - we were caught off the guard - finding it difficult to decided whether to wait for the pain to subside or to go for a doctor. When the usual cold and cough home remedies didn't work out and when his pain got quite intolerable we were forced to rush to an Amstelveen Hospital, on the early wee hours of Saturday Morning.

The experience was quite annoying to be honest. First of all getting the way was so difficult. The gps showed the right way but somehow we weren't able to spot the hospital. We somehow made it...

We narrated in great detail to the very pleasant Doctor. She was quite patient to hear everything out. Then she looked into the ears of Romir with a sharp focussed torch, checked his throat and very softly said - "No major issues  - but we need to get a blood test done. This is to confirm that it's a Bacterial infection and not a viral."

We were taken to another room. Romir sat on the seat meant for patients like an elderly person. When he was asked if he would be willing to let go of a tiny drop of blood from his finger, he nodded in affirmation with the utmost seriousness without any iota of panic. The blood examining machine looked very sophisticated and when the blood sample was inserted, it made a lot of sound to express that it was busy calculating - but alas, when all calculation was over, it gave some message in Dutch - which looked to me like an error message, much like the 404 page not found - error message we are so accustomed to in our Online Application Team. Second attempt - second prick - tiny drop of red blood -  lots of noise of calculation - but no result. What was the Plan B for the Doctor, I was wondering in my mind now, quite frustrated with the proceedings so far... Such a Big Hospital and the blood examining machine doesn't work! And there is no second machine!

No conclusive results, so we had to be satisfied with whatever prescription we got with an added note from the Doc, that if and only if we see fever - we should consider giving an Azithromycin dosage - which would then continue for 3 days - 3.5 ml for each dosage. In an earlier episode - when Romir was given Amoxycillin - he had developed some red rashes... so Azithromycin was considered the best second option.

We bid the doctor good bye and started our journey towards home. It was quite cold and the thick jacket seemed not enough to shield the chill. We also acknowledged the fact silently - that 26th Dec being a holiday and while the rest of the world is enjoying and celebrating Christmas, it would be such tough for the Docs and Nurses to go through their daily jobs of attending patients. It's so easy to blame but when we shift our perspective then we see a very different story. We were very happy to have got the Antibiotic so that Romir might finally get some relief from his incessant bouts of cough.

And each time he coughs, he cries in anguish as the sore throat hurts so much. And you can't avoid a cough isn't it? Yesterday Night I prayed God to give me the sore-throat instead... as it's so difficult to stand the pain of a 4 and a half year old kid.

Today as I write this line - he is sleeping in the other room with his mother, the pain of the sore throat is gone and so is the anxiety inside me.

Thankyou Doc. Your Plan B worked just fine!

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