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Perseverance pays off

Finally my perseverance pays off. The amount from old epf account was finally transferred to my new epf account in the form of a cheque. Happiness seems to be bursting at the seams. Thank God!

The grievance was raised on 13.September.2011. And it got answered on 27.April.2012.  It took them 7 months and 13 days to resolve my EPF transfer case. In this period of seven months and 13 days I have sent countless reminder emails to Only once I was fortunate enough to get a reply from them and it said that they were looking into it. And that’s all.

Each day I checked my epf account in the hope of finding that illusive sum. But everytime I saw it missing and consequently my spirit would sink momentarily. Without getting into depression and blaming the inefficiency of Government Organizations I have always followed it with action… i.e. sending reminder emails to epf office. A few days back I had actually lost my cool and wrote an email to EPF organization in a rather angry tone. I regret having done that, though they should realize the immense pain and torture they subjected me to.

All the hardship, irritation and pain ebbs away with success at the end of the tunnel. And that’s all that matters.  

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