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Over obsessed with Sachin

So what if India lost to Bangladesh? We are happy with Sachin's hundredth 100. And did you not see that defeat prevented him to celebrate this unique moment? The pain in his eyes ...
It is not most of the time when Sachin scores 100 or plays well that India loses; it might be a bad coincidence. So what if he failed in the recent Australia tour, both in test and one day series? We are happy that his bat did the talking against one of the weakest opponents in the world and that too in subcontinent pitches.

Twitter, newspapers, websites will all be flooded today with news of Sachin's hundreth 100. The budget will find no place and nor will Bangladesh's achievement.

Sachin wasted 30 odd balls in a high scoring match when India had ample of wickets to accelrate the score board ... but no one will notice that. We as a nation may bleed but will remain happy with his milestones.

So what if Dhoni had scored that match winning knock in the 2011 world cup final and enabled India to a world cup victory after so many years when Kapil Dev was captain? A feat truly deserving the highest credit in Indian cricket history! But who remembers that ... the second world cup victory of India remains etched in our memory as Sachin's motivation for the boys to toil and sweat hard to bring home that elusive world cup. Who remembers Kapil and Dhoni? Who remembers Laxman who had won so many matches from impossible situations?

Our hero is Sachin and we worship him! He is better than Bradman who didn't aim for that milestone ... an average of 100 in Test. A case of lost opportunity for him. Not for our Sachin... he has more grit and hunger for runs. Next target is 50th 100 in one day. One more century in one day cricket will fetch that. We can't wait!

And Sachin's retirement! Did someone utter that? How dare you? And what is your worth? Infront of the stature of this great legend you are nothing but a rat... an insect! Sachin's retirement is something like batman getting defeated or division of a number by zero. Not possible. No way! He is God's unique creation! The master blaster! Larger than life. Larger than the nation! Oh, that youngstar can wait for his turn in the squad. We need more milestones from Him. The nation is hungry. We are all behind Sachin!

We aren't Australia who dumped their national hero Ponting even after his vital contribution and leadership in back to back world cup victories. We are India! Incredible India!

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