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ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [kcratr_scan_lastbwr], [], [], [],

The Problem:

Oracle Database remains in mounted state. It can't be opened. If it is focibly opened it throws error (ora-00600) as shown below:
SQL> alter database open;
alter database open
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [kcratr_scan_lastbwr], [], [], [],
[], [], [], [], [], [], [], []


Use the command- 'recover database' as shown below:

SQL> shutdown immediate
ORA-01109: database not open

Database dismounted.
ORACLE instance shut down.
SQL> startup mount
ORACLE instance started.

Total System Global Area  534462464 bytes
Fixed Size                  2215064 bytes
Variable Size             322962280 bytes
Database Buffers          201326592 bytes
Redo Buffers                7958528 bytes
Database mounted.
SQL> recover database;
Media recovery complete.

SQL> alter database open;

Database altered.

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Esta soluciĆ³n, me salvo la vida. Grande Master

saludos y Gracias por tu ayuda.

Thank you very much, after unsuccesful trial for hrs with others solution, at the end its solve my issue immedately!

thanks a lot that solution is right on the block for me

The solution provided above worked for me.. saved a lot of my time and effort.. thanks a ton!

thanks a lot for solution

It worked for and saved lot of time. Thank you so much and appreciate your help.

This post helped me to recover my DB with more than 15 days work..Thank you very much

Thanks a lot; able to resolve using the solution provided.

Thanks again.

solved my error..thnx sir

still same issue

Warning: oci_connect(): ORA-01033: ORACLE initialization or shutdown in progress in C:\websites\ir\db.php on line 11