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Note to my readers

So, how am I leading my life?

Good, great, fabulous... you name it.

Experience, rich and invaluable - I am gathering... oh yes.

Don't believe?

That's why the blog. So you can see and find for yourself. The blog is a living proof of how I am leading my life.

The blog is first for me and then for others - everybody - friends, foe, well wishers, haters, relatives, colleagues... many do sneak in I know - what's this guy writing, what's he doing... oh how much I enjoy that. visitors from across the world I can see - thanks to free google analytics. Feeds my ego, licks my ego.

Oh visitor - don't go away. Keep on reading... I need you - I am a parasite and needs endless hosts to thrive and prosper. My blog is barren without you. My blog is being written for you. Taste, touch, feel, enjoy. Unexpected posts, deadly posts, sublime ones, technical write ups - all for you.

Sometimes it will be boring... but I know still you will continue, just like the way now you can't help but read the next line. Oh how much I love this helplessness you feel - I created, feeds my ego, licks my ego.

Dear Reader, I know you are having a great life as well but what is the proof. start a blog, I would say. take inspirations from who writes one post each day. it's better than posting photos and writing timelines on fb.

you don't need proof - to show to the world - you leading a great life. hundred percent true. but that's not what a blog exists primarily. It is just  a byproduct.

it is just the pleasure of creating something new each day, each passing moment which is so intense. It is a wonderful feeling. And this creation is meant to be shared, otherwise whats the fun? Real fun is in sharing whatever we do... that's why the FB concept is such a big hit!

A blog is better than FB because it is more personal, though it might not pull so much audience. A google search of my name returns so much about me, mostly because of my website. And I feel like a celebrity. I feel more important.

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