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Not having backup of your blogs is suicidal

It's nearing 3 AM. Cold night. Couple of hours back, in an attempt to change the website theme, I lost all my entries...all blogs. I didn't have a backup.

Suicidal. My mistake; my foolishness. It seemed like a thunderbolt hit me...  Hands on my head, I thought what to do next. How to get back all these write-ups...

Luckily I had google reader opened in another window, and slowly I could recover all the blog posts. Copied them one after another in a notepad. Sigh of relief! I am not in a position to post all of them now. It will take time. The blogs will now have to be entered manually with correct dates.

I could change the theme though. And this theme looks much better now. A lot of work has to be done... All images have to be uploaded, links have to be redeveloped, blog categories have to be recreated, my logo as a favicon image has to be setup and so on. I cringe to think about all this. Will take care of all this...Please bear with me for sometime. The blogs will be up and running very soon. However the fresh posts that I come up with will be available just like before.

So do enjoy the new look of the website. Let me have any feedback if you have. Finally I am  a little relieved now. I am feeling sleepy.

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