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Never ever underestimate yourself

I was watching this guy playing table tennis… I have always seen him playing such beautiful rallies. I have always watched with awe those confident forehand and backhand shots... hit with contempt… dismissed with authority… dispatched out of sight with an arrogance that is so ruthless.  But you know what... I never entertained this idea of contending with him. I never thought of flexing muscles and testing his table tennis prowess on the TT table. And I did just that today. We happened to try each other out today evening and this was not planned, I swear :-)

He was leading the match. He was hitting those gorgeous shots and I was at the receiving end... helplessly admiring my opponent. Did I lose hope? Did I think I never stood a chance? No, I didn’t… I swear :-)

I backed my strengths. I do have weaknesses, but who doesn’t have? Who is perfect? And precisely that’s why I backed my own strengths. I clenched and raised the level of my game by a few notches. Half way through the match and the scores were level. I kept hitting aggressively those shots that fell in my strong area and played safe those that were difficult and awkward. His overconfident shots did err occasionally raising my tempo and confidence. I started believing that I could win now.
The match trickled down to deuce and it swung quite a few times from advantage to deuce and back to advantage. Finally I had the last laugh! And I laughed loudly within myself, which echoed a thousand miles, loud and clear within the infinity inside me. One thing became very clear… and that was… never ever underestimate your own ability.

You never know when you can startle your own self. You never know when that opponent whom you had always revered and looked up as someone extraordinary can end up flat, deflated, defeated and broken when confronted by your determined effort.

Yes, you are special and why shy away from that?

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