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Netherlands - Day26

What a nice guy he is... touched my soul to the extent that brought tears in my eyes.. well almost. I just happened to wow at his tool (kind of chhakni in bengali) that he  filters out tea my work place. And the next day - Loyla! Oyela! He bought one new Chhakni for me. For a moment I thought of asking the price, but immediately felt that would do no good to his sweet gesture. And again the day after this he brought a packet of tea... Nice guy; very friendly and always beaming with wide wide smile. You can see him interacting with people, immersed in warm conversations and lifting up spirits of all souls he happen ot pass by.

Without a shadow of the faintest of doubts...I have found some geneuine people here in Netherlands, who are good - Nah! Good wouldn't do justice - very very wonderful people withe big hearts. Some would come and talk with my son - patiently - making him laugh and express their happiness and wow at his cuteness. Touching indeed.

Ofcourse things are not all rosy rosy, especially in terms of experience of interacting with people - different people - the other day - I had replied a Thank You to one of our own guys! Yes, right, a thankyou with that exclamation mark, and in reply - I got the message - exclamation marks are used for severe emotions and feelings ... so feedback is - avoid it. It hit me like a bolt! On a friday evening I felt sad, dejected and contemplated a beer to lift my mood up. Someone said once - or rather I remember having read somewhere - no one thanks me for saying thankyou! I can empathise with the one who wrote so! Damn it! Let me put more exclamation marks here! MY BLOG! AND I can take the frustration out here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Makes sense? No! I know! I am writing weird stuff. But not that weird... we are indeed being narrow and cold and it is already cold here... Actually no! Day before yesterday there had been an abrupt rise in temperature! Strange. From almost zero to 20 degree out of nowhere. I just happened to venture out once in my balcony with only one layer of thin t-shirt and HOYLA! FELT normal - no cold! And today to work I went with an adidas jacket - thin. Weather is pleasant now... kinda one in which I can roam about like dogs on our roads back home. Sounds good.

Lot of things in my to-do list. Nothing done so far! Sad, I know. The museums, the canals - so much lies to be explored.

Still getting used to things. The bus-service in this part of the world is aaaawweSSSome... yeah it's that awesome. gives you a very good service - for you to plan your trips. Just vomit the source and destination and slap at the enter tab. You will have a crispy report (that no BI publisher I have seen capable of generation) of your journey with the intermediate stops and every detail. Perfect! YOu wait at the bus stop and most of the stops display on an electronic board the time of arrival - like in 5 mins or 10 mins and when the bus approaches just extend your hand to signal the driver to stop. (Learnt the hard way as once the bus went without stopping... don't laugh please).

Once the bus stops you are supposed to drag your dirty a** inside ... show the ov-chip kard to the swiping machine - and it generates a beeep sound...and you should generate a sense of relief within that it worked.... otherwise the penalty can be more than the fare...(how much more...don't know)  and greet the driver with a soft and warm - Hello! and then find a seat to park - again your dirty a**...sorry for my language but here you will have to wipe so it remains dirty for most of the time, and anything but water for us is not clean enough! 

Yes and don't forget when your destination will come - that will be announced as well as displayed on a screen - there will be red-color buttons all over for you to press. As you press - it generates an irritating noise... irritating to distract the chauffer to apply brakes and pullover to the stop....way in advance. Of course - A stop message gets displayed on the board so you don't have to keep pressing if you're heard of hearing, unlike me. Before getting down - be little courteous and bid the driver a BYE ( or DUI in dutch).

And yes of course I can sense some queries/doubts about the ov-chip card. Guys, all of you - who are landing in Amsterdam airport to roam this beautiful city or for whatever reason - this one is very important so be all ears - in the Schiphol airport plaza, where your plane will land from India or Dubai or wherever, there is a counter - that gives this ov-chip kard. For heavens' sake - get one for you with 50 euro or so - and make it compliant for bus, trams and trains! Use this chip kard for bus, trains and trams. Life will be easy with this. Believe me. More next time... DUI till then.... Dui!

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