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My oil painting: Contemplation


It all started with a rough sketch on a paper. I took a photo of this sketch as shown below.

STEP 2: 

Then I started experimenting with colors on it... adding and removing colors layer by layer, until I was satisfied with the digital image.

After this I used a projector to project this digital image on a 5' X 4' canvas. I drew the outline quickly and then removed the projector. I started filling colors in accordance with the digital image in step2. No more thinking with oil and brush in my hand. Now I can do all analysis, experimentation, meditation on the paintings as they develop, without paints and oils getting smeared on me.

Well, this is one of the techniques. I do employ other techniques as well, constantly experimenting and innovating new ideas. I have recently found that the third step can be done away with. Meaning, a digital print, i.e. print on a big and thick paper can be created from the digital image directly.

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