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My journey was comparatively easy

clouds gather and there is a downpour
i get wet... still I walk

i shiver in cold, but still I walk

for i have a lot of distance to cover
and there is not much strength left...

the distant road is obscure...
but my steps keep moving steadily

i can feel the road - i can feel 

the twists and the turns

so, still i walk

i keep walking till i reach 
my home and then i sit 

i look out of the window
it's a heavy downpour again

the window glass is so hazy

i spot a distant man struggling 
to cut his way against 

gusts of wind so strong

he keeps walking


falls down... and gets up...

the storm is picking pace now

i want him to reach his home soon

i feel lucky ... 

my journey was comparatively easy

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