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My blog is my restless mind

There has to be a flow in your painting - that flow will be visible and it will create an ecstatic feeling in the beholder. Same is applicable for writing - a flow that will come automatically when you keep writing.

That is precisely my idea. Of late there have been some nonsensical topics on which i am simply coming hard at the keyboard - but i want to get to that flow - connect with that flow you, and may be produce some good stuff. idea is to generate nice ideas and share with the world...

And with that idea in mind today i renewed my contract with for another year. domain name still needs to be renewed (expires on jan something) but for now the hosting has been extended. Another one year I am going to throw junk in to the internet repository. ewaste. I feel the toxins get out of my system and I get purified - all those waste materials that get accumulated in me somehow get released in those sketches, paintings and blogs i paint and write. I remain clean and healthy. Who reads them, god knows, who has the time. Sometimes I am also relieved by the thought that these no one will read - so let me write crap; big deal.

Now the point is - lately - i have realized that there is an urgent need in me to do things quickly. Simply doing things won't help now; doing them at a rapid pace is the need of the hour. That is because i am realizing that my todo list items are getting accumulated more than i am able to strike them off, just due to my laziness, slowness and being dumb and complacent - not a good signal. I have to pull my socks up now - so hard that they should tear away - one part remaining in my feet and one in my hand.

After realization of this - immediate result i can see. not only i completed 3 pending tasks almost in no time - or may be took sometime - but also now I am writing this blog at such a rapid pace. i don't know what to write next but simply typing ... and you are a fool that you are reading. One of the few fools in this world - go ; stop reading; do some meaningful work.

Now yesterday when i was coming back home from office in my bicycle - i suddenly realized - that the distance from home to office is not that less... it seemed less but no - it wasn't; i mean it isn't - because it is 8 goddamn kms. but while coming back somehow i felt i was reaching home, i was reaching home - but i kept pedalling and i was not able to reach home so soon, i was going on pedalling and finally when i reached home - i realized that distance is afterall not that small. Sometimes perception deceives reality. but what has this to do with anything. Can't think of anything, you have to take your own interpretation.

Now when I had the above thought in mind - which sure has evaporated to a large extent - due to my chronic fogetfulness - i was thinking of writing a blog about that. but i couldn't - i was not in a position to write. I then thought about this -

My blog is my restless mind. Sometimes one thought arises and next time another. i am trying to record them in some place. And that is my blog isn't it. What fun in doing that? There is fun actually. Something very hard to explain.

I guess if you try you will understand. Keeping a repository of all your creative works - drawing, sketches, blogs - all this is very satisfying.

Paper currency is going to be superfluous one day - but the huge collection of these meaningful works - is going to render a lot of peace and happiness - may be may not be. In all these mindless thought processes - meaningful and valuable lessons do crop up their heads - it's up to the gobbler - the reader.

My blog is actually not that shitty. You will learn some thing for sure if you follow.

My blog is definitely my restless mind.

My restless mind produces some great thoughts.

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