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Musings on meat-eating and cruelty

An excerpt of my conversation with father on meat-eating, violence, cruelty etc...

me: how can some people be so cruel. They enjoy inflicting pain on others. they enjoy witnessing goats and sheep butchered. it's inhuman, cruel and unbelievable.

father: that's true but someone has to do that dirty job. then how can you enjoy your delicious meat?

me: so many people live on earth. eating meat is necessary for mankind to survive. besides... even if you are a veg, you inflict pain on the plants isn't it?

father: not necessarily. you can eat vegetables and fruits that fall off after ripening. and you can cut branches and leaves of plants as well... the pain isn't the same as that of animal-killing.

me: but even plants get pain. so....

father: then why not let man kill man and eat. it's all the same isn't it?

me: aren't we deviating from the topic... the main topic was why does some people enjoy witnessing a poor goat getting butchered.

father: you enjoy eating meat ... but can't cut an animal's throat because you can't stand the animal's pain. so some other person has to do that job...

me: that's fine ... someone else is butchering for me...but he can do that without enjoying the sight of a poor animal getting killed... with all that blood and all... how can he enjoy that sight... I have seen so many people enjoying that... that's why i term that 'inhuman'. cruel.

father: but my dear if he can't enjoy that then how can he perform that job? and why will he do that job? you do something because you enjoy right? if you don't enjoy you will stop doing right? 

me: hmmm....

I didn't have words to carry on this argument/conversation. I felt that I was being hypo-critic in trying to label the butchers as cruel and inhuman when my own tongue salivates at the thought of a delicious non-veg dish. 

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