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Movie Review: Paan Singh Tomar

The movie, Paan Singh Tomar is the story of a simple and naive person from a village who joins sports in army. He breaks many records and wins many medals.

But recognition, fame and service in the army fail to solve his personal problems back in his village. His family in village undergoes consistent threat and atrocity from the local hooligans. His earnest implorations from police and IAS officers fail to rescue him.

Finally he takes up arms. He becomes a mobster and then sets off for revenge from the wrong-doers... his own cousins! He is able to instill all that he learnt, directly or indirectly in the army, be it a sense of loyalty, discipline, rigorous training or tactical aspects of warfare. He trains his gang hard… so much so that his gang delivers the goods in no time and becomes famous.

A good plunderer by nature who never troubles the poor people and only robs the rich… much like Robin Hood… his fame increases far and wide and he succeeds in turning the tables on his cruel cousins who had beaten up his son and his ailing old mother almost to death.

Paan Singh Tomar ponders... "So many medals and reputation I won for the country and no one bothered to care... but as soon as I become a rebel and get into hooliganism with arms in hand, people start to respect me!"

Paan Singh Tomar’s career starts with races which fetch him medals and glory and ironically ends in a different kind of race… a race of crime… a race of incessant running and escaping the police… a race which he soon realizes will ultimately end his life. When the clutches against him tighten up from all corners, he is advised by many to surrender to police. But he refuses adamantly! “A race has its own rules and one has to touch the finishing line to complete it,” he answers them with grim reticence.

The way Irrfan Khan has portrayed this character on the screen is indeed laudable. He is now one of the few actors in Bollywood who can take a 3 hour movie on his own shoulders and keep the audience spell bound. It is different… different from suave heroes wooing heroines with dance steps… different from high action packed block blusters rampaging and exploding and driving your senses crazy… different from clichéd dialogues, clichéd emotions and vacuous tears.

This movie has a lot of messages to the state of sports, political situation and rampant corruption afflicting our society. The end of the movie is followed with a list of sports persons who have done our country proud but have rotten into nothingness from cold apathy... who have suffered miserably from diseases and penury and finally died penniless.

The director, story writer, all the actors… the entire crew has done a commendable job. I personally rate it 8 out of 10.

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