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Movie Review: Black Swan

Black swan can infuse in you a feeling of indomitable conviction to achieve that which you dread the most. A must watch if you indeed need a motivational boost to accomplish something very badly but at the same time you are not quite sure about your potential.

This is the story of the lead actress, Nina, who plays the role of a ballerina. She is caught between two conflicting characters – white and a black swan - in which the white swan demands a graceful and controlled performance while the black swan demands a more violent, energetic and unbridled outburst of emotion and feelings.

It is this character of black swan that emerges out as a thorn in her flesh… haunting her day and night, making her life miserable as she struggles to achieve the desired results in the rehearsals through her soft outward expressions. Her gentle but perfect dance steps repeatedly fail to impress the trainer, who presses hard for a more energetic, unrestrained and carefree performance. However she fails to let go of all her emotional energy and bring out the evil essence of the black swan. Failure turns into fear and this fear in turn affects her performance.

So she stands there dejected and frustrated, in a painful situation where her lead role as the coveted swan queen begins slipping away... dreams begin to shatter.

It is in this crisis that a series of events metamorphoses her into an aggressive, stubborn and an evil persona... very much like what the black swan in the play embodies. She challenges all odds with a renewed determination. She fights all difficulties that come in her way and her dream aggressively – something totally different from her usual nature… a trait that she creates for herself with intense will power.

This movie also conveys the message that in order to achieve your dreams you have to be tough. It cannot be a rosy rosy affair all the time and somewhere and at some point in time you have to catch the bull by the horns, press the pedal for full throttle and let go of all that you possess within.

Anger is a good emotion and when channeled through the right path can help you achieve results beyond measure. In this movie, Nina’s anger towards another ballerina- her competitor who threatens to bring her down and snatch away the swan queen role- makes her even more determined and compels her to put up a great show. So harnessing anger for the rightful cause can be a boon many a times.

Tenacity is another important quality required to succeed. It is very easy to quit. But to hang in there after repeated failures – is the real test of character. Nina could have easily quit this whole ballet troop and her career and started selling fried chicken on a road side shop. She could have well spent her whole life sobbing and blaming the trainer at having tried to exploit her and even trying to molest her. She could have very easily acceded to her mother when she advised her to take rest considering her fragile health on the very important day of the final act. But she hung in there. She took all those problems in her stride, with the right frame of mind, displaying a laudable feat of patience and tenacity… and finally persevering till the very end.

All is well that ends well. Though I don’t want to act spoiler by divulging what happens in the climax… but the movie does convey another important and strong message. All pain, all sweat and tears, all hardships… taken to achieve your goal… get doused in sweet victory at the end. It is this feeling that can be experienced only by the doer through action… and it is this sweet feeling that makes all the struggle all the more worth it. Relishing to the core!

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