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Magical move by Ronaldo

28th minute in the Netherland - Portugal match of the Euro-Cup 2012 and I just witnessed a fabulous equalizer by Portugal. Just before this I was wondering - Ronaldo is firing on all cylinders and it's just a matter of time. And my anticipation proved to be correct!

This goal was all about an unexpected move by Ronaldo and also the Portuguese player who gave that awesome through pass to him anticipated this move accurately. The synchronicity between these two players bamboozled the Dutch defense and the ball was inside net. The final touch by Ronaldo was just a formality. It was heartening indeed to see the way he celebrated this goal. He celebrated with everyone as if to say… The goal is not mine… but the whole team earned it so let’s all celebrate! Tiny things, but do pack a punch when determining the whole outcome of the game.

Score stands 1-1 now. Earlier when Jersey no. 23 of Netherland scored that first goal for Holland, they were all celebrating as if the war has been won. That’s why the wise men say, never celebrate victories of small battles. Never rest on your laurels when the war is not over yet. Fight fiercely, keep your focus and stay guard every time… till the war is over. Indeed the game has lots to teach.

Portugal’s game strategy seems simplistic from here… just pass the ball forward to Ronaldo and he will take care of the rest. And that’s what they have been doing for quite some time. Looking at the rate at which this game is progressing, it seems a Portuguese victory is on the cards.

But you never know!

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