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Long live India Post

I had to send an important letter. I was categorically told to send it by courier. I reached Electronic City BDA complex and knocked the door of Blue Dart. Having confidently placed the envelope on the attendant's desk, I waited on a nearby chair. Suddenly I realized that I should know the price of delivery before availing the services. "Rs. 350," the Blue Dart representative replied sharply. It shook me, rattled me a bit and made me question, "One simple letter - 4 page pdf doc, inside a small envelope needs 350 bucks to reach Hyderbad from Bangalore!%$#@!!!" I politely asked my letter back and retreated grudgingly.

Adjacent to Blue Dart, was our age old Post Office. In matters of urgency we tend to look upon these Government organizations with a frown and not-so-sure shrugging of shoulders. But I was willing to avail India Post's services. "It shouldn't be that bad, afterall it's just a simple letter to be dispatched to a neighbouring state," I reasoned. So I went inside our Post Office. The typical creaking of fans, unorganized tables with pages and registers lying here and there, half lit room and lethargic and disheveled peons welcomed me dryly. I deposited the parcel and had to spend only Rs. 25. That was the important part though.

I had almost forgotten about this incident. Today by chance I noticed the India Post Website at the bottom of the receipt. Digital Revolution and internet has changed so many things and why was India Post to be left behind! I was impressed with the website and the facility to track down parcels. I tracked mine down in no time. It gave me instant information and every detail. Have a look at this tracking details (tracking number: EK488606915IN) -      

The parcel took only 1 day to get delivered at the destination. Bull's eye! I am impressed. Why the hell spend Rs. 350 in Blue Dart (my intention here is not to criticize Blue Dart) when your job gets done with such professionalism, urgency, systematic and organized way and at such a cheap price! I am undergoing a total paradigm shift in my outlook for Government offices and Organizations.

I was similarly surprised a few days back with the concept of Mirakle Couriers. This time it is India Post.

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