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Living in the costliest city of India

Cost of living in India is highest in Bangalore! While the city is full of opportunities, the downside is that it is too expensive. It hardly allows anyone to save from his salary! Everything is costly, starting from house rent, to fast food, entertainment and fuel. Living in Bangalore is getting difficult day by day. So what can be done?

If there is a problem, there ought to be a solution!  So as I started thinking about the solution… I eventually came up with the following key points:
1. Have your own conveyance - bike or car. You can also avail bus, but a serious no-no to autos and taxis. Try to avoid traffic by commuting at not so peak hours. This will not only save on your fuel, but also give you more time and less irritation. However avoid late night travels, as theft and robbery cases are on the rise.

2. Have your own LPG connection and fully functional kitchen. Never ever eat outside. Cook and eat to stay fit - both physically and monetarily.

3. Go to Cubbon park, Art of Living Center in Kanakpura Road, Lal Bagh or some lakes for weekend breaks. Visit Art Galleries. You can find some nearby weekend getaways from the internet as well. Never ever opt for any resort or hotel. In case of overnight stay, you can opt for good and well known hotels, having loads of positive feedback in the internet. An example is RNS Residency for Murudeshwar.

4. Refrain from the theatres of Bangalore. You can watch movies in your own laptops/dvd players. Disclaimer: Don’t use pirated cds, dvds and illegal downloads.

5. Boycott bars and pubs! It's best if you can quit smoking and drinking. But if your craving for alcohol is too much, you can turn your own living room into a nice ambience. Switch on a blue night lamp, turn on some peppy beats in your stereo and then prepare your pegs comfortably. Question yourself, "Why do I need to go to a bar and spend 10 times more, when I can enjoy with more freedom at home?” 

6. You can shop online from No wastage of time, no queues at billing counter and no parking fees! You relax in your home while the doorbell is rung by the diligent bigbasket personnel in the appropriate time slot (which you have the option to choose!). They deliver good quality vegetables, baby food, diapers, grocery, washing powder and all other daily items at your door step. You need to order one day in advance though. No cheating, no hidden agenda and total transparency!

7. Visit KR Market for electronic items.

8. For purchasing stationery items and painting and drawing materials like Drawing board, geometry boxes, Painting Canvas, Painting Brushes, Turpentine Oil, Linseed Oil, pencil, pen etc you can go to Bhaskar Art Center in Chickpet.

9. For purchasing dress materials, it is better to avoid malls. You can try Commercial Street or Chickpet. I find Pobbathi Silk a good place to buy Silk Sarees (Phone number: 08042103204). It is near Gandhi Bazaar, opposite of Food World. You get these at a competitive price here.

10. Subscribing for an additional newspaper is better than going for magazines. For example, I order Hindu as well as Times of India and that is more than enough for me. Of course you can take printout of my blogs to read in your leisure ;-)

If we value our hard earned money and refrain from all extravagant spending, then shops, malls, taxis, autos and theatres are bound to drop down the prices.

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