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Little Romir in pram

My little son Romir,  nine months old, always cries with desperation when he is made to sit in the pram. And it is so difficult to make him sit in it. He won't allow his legs inside that handle bar, the belts getting fastened and he will struggle with all his strength. But he gives in. Poor Romir!
But once he is made to sit in the right position and the strolley rolls forward, he stops complaining and looks happy. We then go out for a post dinner walk inside our appartment premises. The gentle vibration from the moving pram and the cool night breeze soothes him down and makes him comfortable.

It feels good. He keeps swinging his litlte legs up and down. He looks right and left with inquisitive eyes. Murmurs slowly and then cries out loud, talks in his own mind in a language difficult to deciphere. When we smile at him or make funny faces, he smiles back at us. He looks so happy! He enjoys the ride!
Soon his eyes tire off and his legs slow down. As we are absorbed in our conversation, suddenly we notice Romir fast asleep, ensconced comfortably in that same pram he was resisting a little while ago.

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