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Learning something new all the time

Just now I learned something new.

Today Morning while I was shaving I discovered that the tap was continuously running - of course making it conducive to wash the razor every time it saturated with my beard smeared in white foam. Water is precious resource. Wastage should avoided - a bell rung in my mind.

What immediately occurred as well - is 'time also flows like water'. And for time - we don't have a knob to turn-off unlike the tap water.

Do we realize this incessant flow of time?

Don't we feel the time we are losing all the time - as we all have a fixed quota of time allocated against our name. Walking across a grave yard would tell you - that those that lay buried today - had homes, wives, husbands, dreams, works and a real lives just the way we have now. But they all lie their in silence underneath earth. One day we will lie like this - or may be turn into nothingness after getting charred - in accordance with rules of our religion.

Dogmas, beliefs, dreams, wealth -are all transitory bubbles that burst into nothingness.

The flow of time should therefore be a greater cause of worry the flow of water. But this might not be true - especially in a water starved malnourished region where people don't have water to drink. For them flow of time has no meaning - as a clear head needs quenched thirst and a full stomach. And a clear head can only think. People are not that fortunate always.

So those of us who have clear heads - the fortunate few.... we still don't think - do we?

It is so important to use each passing moment to learn something, make some difference, create something new etc. Because each passing second will not come back.

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