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Lack of seriousness causing Djokovic to lose finals?

Djokovic's jaded body language lets him down in one more final.

Almost a year back I had written about Rafa's body language, never say die attitude and tremendous grit.

We witnessed the same once again... This time though I was supporting Djoko, so was slightly depressed after Nadal's victory, though can't take anything away from the strong southpaw.

As Djokovic was on the verge of losing US open final, I couldn't help but find only one weakness in him. A lack of burning desire to win... a sense of complacency and a lack of intensity.

In recent grand slams, I have seen many times Djoko losing in the finals... against Nadal, Murray and others - I don't remember and he still doesn't seem to be much bothered much.

While he has the best temperament to accept defeat - while some others brim with tears and get choked - while talking - Djoko seems to retain his calm in his defeats and speaks normally - doesn't hesitate to bestow all credit to his opponents... While all this is good and nice, but there is a dark side to all this. Since the defeats don't move him much - they fail to provide the impetus to bring in that extra intensity in the upcoming matches.

As an example, just a year back, in the previous US Open final, Murray had defeated Djoko - 7-6, 7-5, 2-6, 3-6, 6-2. A little analysis of Murray's unexpected vicotory would reveal something really interesting. A couple of months before this event Murray was so shattered in Wimbledon Final loss to Federer,  that he couldn't hold back his tears... and the whole world was there to witness that! Shameful, some said... Painful others... However one thing was sure...  those tears had instilled that extra grit and determination in him to perform well in future - and he did win the US open Final! On the receiving end was Djokovic! Alas!

Unlike other struggling players, Djoko has no dearth of skills and ability. That is beyond a shadow of doubt and if nothing else, it is his world number one ranking that proves this. He is also in good form and is capable of playing a high quality tennis. He is capable of toppling any opponent if he plays to his full potential. 

He just needs that little bit more intensity. He has to take things a bit more seriously.


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