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It's raining cricket

The nation is crazy about cricket. People only understand one thing here in India - Cricket.

When you see an advertisement on an insurance policy  - they make you understand through cricket. 'Jab tak balla chal rai tab tak that hai...Jab balla nehi chalega tab...' (Till the time my bat fetches run I am prosperous, when my bat will be dry then ...)
If you see any TV channel on the share market - the advertisement speaks this language : What do you want - 20 20, or test cricket? That means you want day trading or long term investment?

No it doesn't end there ...
Recently I was going through an audio book on Positive Mental Attitude (and I am half way through it). So many examples of positive attitude from cricket! Don't blame the author. Hold on... The nation doesn't understand any other language, so the author has to speak in that language!
My neighbourhood is full of buzz...why? 24X7 cricket matches going on ... from morning till night.  All the kids are playing cricket. There is a Table Tennis board in my appartment and it remains empty all the time. I love TT but can't find a partner. I was so happy to discover a TT prodigy in the son of a neighbour. Tried so much to make him play TT, hone his skills and then make him aim to compete in the district and then state level. Gosh! He doesn't have time...he is playing cricket all day and rest of the time he studies.
I am so sick to see cricket updates and news in newspaper headlines. Imagine...front page image is an action from a cricket field. Someone missing catch, someone hitting hundred and lifting bat, someone lifting trophy, someone sulking, blaming and ...don't know...but who cares? Why cricket on first page of a newspaper? Why screw my morning? Important events are taking place in the world. An asteroid circulating in the space has a chance of colliding with earth and then everything will be finished. At least publish that in the front page! I tried to change newspaper from one brand to another but ... it was of no use. Alas!
IPL makes a mockery of money. It has broken all limits. During IPL, people can be seen crowded over Beetle shops, TV shops or any place wherever they find a small opening through which cricket is visible. Countless people will flock there and remain glued to the nonstop nonsense of throwing and hitting the ball that flies over across the dark night sky in random directions. And I can understand people cheering for their nation in a big cricket match which has an element of nationality sentiment with it. But in IPL, who plays for whom? No one knows. All playing for money infact. Then why do we waste our time? Big question but no answer! Big personalities, actors, business men can all be seen in the field in the hope of seeing a victory of the team they own. Their faces change with each dropped chance, flat six and fallen wicket. As soon as the match ends, actors, actresses and businessmen representing the victorious team can be seen running on the pitch, dancing with ecstasy and sometimes hugging and kissing their soldiers(players) who won the battle for them. The IPL season is marked by stoppage of big film releases, family outing to some far off place, a severe drop of viewers of other channels like sony, star plus and what not - you just name it. The whole nation just comes to a stand still. And still people don't know who is playing for whom? I mean, most of the time.
Cricket has now entered our bone marrow(not blood). Some ad summed it up: Eat cricket, sleep cricket, Live cricket. So very true. Infact it has become the opium of the whole nation. Very few people like Prakah Iyer takes valuable lessons of life from cricket. It is just an extravagant entertainment, timepass and as good as just another soap serial in TV. We are addicted and hooked.

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