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In this virtual world, TIME that we kill is real

Today we see everyone digging into their smartphones, laugingh, smiling and reacting to posts... busy typing and waiting for response.

The world that you and I are in today has become virtual. The real world has ceased to be important. 

But the time that you and me are going through continuously is the same real time and there is no concept of virtual reality here.

Time that we lose is real. Even the richest person in the world won't be able to buy years from a poor  young villager. Everyone's quota is preordained by a superior intelligence. 

Question is - why then we keep wasting precious time?

I think the reason is that we don't value time the way we value paper currency.

Time is actually more precious than money... A nonrenewable resource, which once consumed will never come back. Money can be earned once more.

In fact time is  so powerful that it will consume man one day! Sending him into a coffin deep down mud and gravel...  that will lie still in the eternal realm of silence. Or... that will reduce him to ash and smoke. 

It's important to respect time because the clock just keeps ticking.

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